We have a thriving junior program, ranging from tots tennis, through to  junior performance. We run LTA matchplays/tournaments throughout the year.

Tots Tennis (3-5 yrs)

A popular tennis class. Learning the basic fundamentals of Tennis, lots of throwing & catching, with some basic coordination exercises and basic hitting, incorporated with lots of fun and games. Making sure they have big smiles on their faces throughout the session.

Mini Tennis (6-10yrs)

Played on a smaller court with appropriate size rackets (depending on age). Improves sending and receiving skills as well as, ball and racket skills. Involves plenty of basket drill, with a tactical intention and a technical teaching point. The main emphasis is making sure  their introduction to Tennis is a fun one.

Juniors (11+)

Still a big emphasis on fun and hitting plenty of balls. Core of the session usually Involves basket drills with technical and tactical pointers to encourage correct stroke production and positioning on and off the ball – reading different spins. Making sure they have points play (singles and doubles) for the second half of the session, learning the scoring system along with basic court etiquette.

Junior Invitational

The junior invitational groups are aimed at the more advanced club players, most of whom have individuals, which helps them improve at a faster rate. Most are playing for the junior teams and on the fringe of making the adult teams. These sessions usually work on a more advanced scale, working on footwork patterns, technical recap on stroke production and grips – that are been finely tuned in individual lessons. Points play and match practice in match conditions with individual feedback after the session alongside video analysis.

Individual Coaching

Individual lessons is the most effective way to produce results. Most importantly, individual lessons teach you the correct grip for the relevant shot. You can only get so far in Tennis without the correct grips so individual lessons gives you the platform to take your game as far as you want. Individuals teaches the correct footwork patterns and stances to coincide with the correct grips. Simply contact head coach, Sean to organise a day and time to suit you. Whether you are looking to really improve your game or want a lesson or two on a certain shot with some professional advice and guidance.

½ hour – £13
1 hour – £25
Joint lesson (2) – £30